CuckooTech review featured

CuckooTech: Attendance Management Software Review

We have reviewed many Attendance Management Software – Indian and international, but to put CuckooTech Gamified 3.1 in any of the traditional slots is difficult. We can say, it is T&A Plus, as it goes beyond just time and attendance compliance. Apart from providing attendance management and leave management which every T&A software provides, Cuckoo differentiates itself from others with the features like Gamification, Patented Biometric Solution, Multi Location Attendance and Contractor Management. (more…)

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Expert Interview with Vijay Yalamanchili – CEO of Keka

Keka is a self funded organization which was born because of the frustration of using HR software that weren’t up to the mark. So, they begin to make their own. A Hyderabad based company believes that Indian employees need a better HR assistance, and they are continuously achieving that goal. Keka provides software assistance in Payroll, talent management and Human Resources.

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PLM software

Reasons Why PLM Software Is Important To Grow Your Business

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is gaining a lot of attention these days. The modern day product essentially goes through 4 stages:

  • Introduction Stage
  • Growth Stage
  • Maturity Stage
  • Decline Stage

Using PLM software gives businesses a strategic advantage by simplifying implementation, and providing a higher ROI (Return On Investment). The PLM software is a system that unifies into one platform, all the tasks and the teams involved in the product development lifecycle. (more…)

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Expert Interview with Szabolcs Herman - CEO of SabeeApp

Expert Interview with Szabolcs Herman – CEO of SabeeApp

SabeeApp provides great tools to hospitality industry no matter how small or big your business is. Szabolcs Herman – CEO of SabeeApp, believes that the hospitality industry is built on the idea to create homely environment and it should not be about managing Administration all the time. That’s why SabeeApp comes with features like Front Desk System, Hotel booking Engine, Hotel Payment Gateway, and many more to make your hotel administration far too easy. (more…)

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Why You Should Use an Email Verification Service for Your Email Lists

A lot of online businesses still choose email marketing to promote their products and services but fail to receive the benefits because the email list contains fake emails or low-quality contacts. This has led many businesses to believe that email marketing is an outdated marketing tactic. But the fact is, email marketing is very productive method, but the low quality email addresses reduce the effect of the campaign. Therefore, if you have an email list and you’re trying to work out the best way of taking advantage of it, you should first consider checking your email list using an


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kreato crm - review

Kreato CRM: Automation & Artificial Intelligence-Powered CRM

We did a review of Kreato CRM software in 2014. Its 2 years now. The team at Kreato has been continuously hustling to make it better and more user-friendly. In these 2 years, they have added many rich features to the software – with prime focus on smartly utilizing the data generated from your team activities. We, at softwaresuggest, have been getting a lot of positive feedback from users on Kreato’s workflow automation & in-depth actionable reports. Keeping in mind the drastic yet wonderful changes undergone by the software and also to do justice to Kreato’s team efforts, we have decided to review Kreato again.    (more…)

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Ecommerce Platform For Your Online Store

Points To Consider Before Selecting eCommerce Platform For Your Online Store

E-commerce platforms are the online shopping equivalent of a blog hosted on WordPress. These platforms allow you to set up an online store using built-in templates without the need of designing your own website. But how to select the most apt Ecommerce platform to build your online store?

What are the points you must consider before finalizing an Ecommerce platform? Also, what are the pros and cons of using e-commerce platforms?


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distribution management software final

Why You Should Move From Hosted To Cloud-based Distribution Management Software

As eCommerce has become more and more prominent as a means of selling products directly to customers, distribution management solutions have naturally begun to migrate to the cloud. And many businesses are making the shift to the cloud as well. Some businesses still use legacy distribution management solutions installed locally on a desktop PC or Mac, but going this route has proven to have an increasing number of limitations, especially when there are better options available. As more systems are becoming Web-based, it is now essential to be in the cloud in order to integrate with all of those systems that are in the cloud, too. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having your distribution management system in the cloud. (more…)

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