Give a Personal Touch to Modern Online Store

The rise of social media has created a critical situation for businesses with poor customer service. With a blink, any disgruntled customer can shout out their story to the world. And that can really tarnish the reputation of your business in a short span of time.

Many types of customer-success software have made it easier to achieve customer engagement and intimacy, giving a personal touch to your business. Not only have the software programs got better and easy to use, but also more accessible and affordable.

Software for Live Chat, Help Desk, Email Marketing, Loyalty Rewards, and Product Recommendations are proven solutions that can keep your customers happy. If used in the right way as part of your entire customer experience strategy, these tools can build trust, earn credibility and increase conversions. They provide customers with instant access to relevant people, related products and sought-after answers within your company.

But with score of products in the market in each category, it’s hard to figure out what is right for your business. So let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular categories and the tools to personalize online store.

Give a personal touch to your online store-SS

Live Chat Software

It allows users to interact with customers in real time while they are on your website on both mobile and desktop platforms. Some of these tools also come built-in with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and shopping cart integrations.

The beauty of these tools is that user can suggest product purchases in real time to people who are on your website and not only that, user can start a chat with visitors based on what actions they took or what products they purchased when they previously visited your store.

With customized settings, one can easily identify which visitors would benefit from live chat and quickly initiate a dialogue. You can also see previous reports and surveys, recent search keywords and what part of the country each customer is chatting from. This helps you boost your business further by exploring new trends, upsell and cross-sell opportunities and conversion metrics. Some of the top live chat software available you can use are SmartsuppZopimOlark Liveagent.

Customer Support & Engagement Software

One of the most important element of any product or service in the eyes of customers is support. And many tools are available in market to make this process efficient and quick for both the parties. You can’t go wrong with either one of FreshdeskInteraktZoho or Cayzu.

Implementing one of these solutions allows your customer service reps to forward the previous complaint and support emails right into the system so they can delight the customer with targeted support.

Another powerful feature is the ability to set a system for collecting valuable feedback. You can target a specific segment based on a specific criteria and enable a feedback widget which is visible to only selected users.

Besides all these tools, On-Website Customer engagement tools are gaining popularity these days. Increasing User engagement on the site leads to increase in leads & revenues. This helps unlock the true potential of your website. Connecto is one such tool which comes up with popup notifications on the website to increase customer engagement by many ways. Visitors exiting the website get popups offering more values resulting into reduction in bounce rate & increase conversions. Moreover- surveys, lead forms, video forms, mobile widgets & many more techniques are offered by connecto to increase the customer engagement level to next edge.

Email Marketing Tools

No matter how much buzz social media generates, the fact remains that email subscribers engage and buy significantly more than social media fans or followers. And a good email marketing tool can make a real difference to your bottom line. Mailchimp is one of the best email marketing tool, but other programs such as Soul CRM and Zoho Campaigns are also worth looking at.

These tools also let you customize logos, names and design elements so that they blend well with the rest of your brand. You can easily create compelling opt-in forms to collect email addresses and a series of emails to be sent automatically when a visitor becomes a subscriber. These emails can be used to communicate updates on what your target customers are interested in, further personalizing their experience with your business.

Customer Loyalty Software

Statistics say that it costs about 5-10 times more to gain a new customer than it does to sell to an existing one. And to make your customers keep coming back, a loyalty program is one of your best bets. It’s a system in which the customer gets rewarded in some way each time they take the desired action. Software such as ArvatoGenesis & Menusquare can easily get you started and running in no time.

The customer relationship programs you create using these tools can help your business differentiate from the others and keep customers engaged. You can create custom designs based on the member data analysis and consolidation to reward them with what they actually find valuable. This works better than delivering a generic reward meant for everyone. Here you can check most popular article on :  How To Start Selling Online in 5 Minutes 

Shopping Cart Abandonment

It may happen with every one that you put an item in shopping cart online & then for some reason didn’t complete the purchase? Well, guess what? This behavior is one of the major pain points of the online retail industry.

Software solution for this helps you convert abandoned carts into customers. It may do so with a variety of methods, one of which is personalizing your re-marketing emails with data from the cart, which drives click-through & conversion.

And for each email sent, you can track abandonment rate, email open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and more. This analysis can identify hidden opportunities to optimize your campaign and drive more conversions.

Not only these tools help you recover abandoned shopping carts, you can also capture partial web form submissions prior to the submit button being hit. Then you can allow customers to pick up where they left off by restoring their session when they return to your site.

Some of such solutions are provided by Rejoiner and Barilliance to solve these problems.

Product Recommendation & Web Personalization Software

Who doesn’t know about product recommendations on online stores, made famous by the online retail giant Amazon! I am sure you have seen related products shown below the product you’re interested. You have been prompted to buy even more because of this strategy.

Some of the popular tools deliver dynamic & personalized shopping recommendations across web, mobile and email channels. The product recommendations are based automatically on customers’ unique characteristics, past purchases, and current and historical shopping behaviors. Which is great for up-selling and cross-selling merchandise. You can target customers with relevant, effective and timely recommendations across their buying journey. It also makes it easy to personalize recommendations for individual customers. You can optimize conversions by delivering contextual, behavior-based product recommendations, and create an engaging customer experience. Some Popular tools are ExacttargetBunting & IBM Recommendations.

Happy customers provide returning business & positive word of mouth recommendations resulting into a profitable business. A perfect app for your business will have great impact on delivering customer service. If you are still not convinced then you can talk to our eCommerce software expert at SoftwareSuggest to know more on this & make perfect software selection. We had tremendous feedback on this article : how to Increase Business Productivity with An Integrated eCommerce Solution.'

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