How Reviews can be a turning point for Business Software Vendor featured

How Reviews can be a Turning Point for Business Software Vendor

Yelpification of the business softwares has reached a tipping point. The reviews of the user increase conversions because they can eliminate any doubts which the potential customers may have about a product. They can even help in product selection.

It has been observed that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. User reviews are proven sales drivers and something the majority of customers will want to see before deciding to make a purchase. (more…)

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ChefDesk – Introducing Tablet based POS System

The recent generation of customers is becoming more and more tech-savvy and even more reliable on technology to ease out the task and save time. Machination of the system helps businesses as well as end users become more proficient and involved in whatever they do. Mobile phones per say are helping out businesses in every single stage. Added to this, POS restaurants are best advantaged out of this technology. (more…)

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Best eCommerce Platform Software – ZEPO

well, Zepo provide all in one eCommerce platform software in today’s market. The biggest difference between selling online and selling offline is being able to connect to the customers. When a customer enters a store, the people who work there help him out if he faces any difficulties but while running an online business your website is the first connect between the customer and the product. Going by that, it should be self explanatory as well as made in a way that it guides and acts like a perfect salesman. (more…)

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A Cloud Based Restaurant Management Software – ChefDesk

Restaurants have been one of the industry that have readily adopted the new technologies. It is because technologies like Cloud based restaurant management software can help in increasing ease of operation. A restauranteurs can overlook the operation of multiple branches on a real time basis sitting in a remote location. However, the biggest challenge with such software in India is the dependence on the internet. This is one of the reasons why some restaurateurs don’t still want to move to cloud based restaurant management software. The solution for such restauranteurs is – ChefDesk. (more…)

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Make Your Business Online, Simple, Flexible & Profitable with Shop2grab

With online sales increasing almost on a daily basis, it is becoming increasingly important for every business to have an online store. And the easiest way to set up one is to use a DIY eCommerce platform.

However, besides the eCommerce platform you choose to build the store, eCommerce business has many other facets like finding the right products, ensuring that you reach the targeted audience and also fighting competition. With so many things to do, it only makes sense to ensure you choose a right & efficient eCommerce platform for your online store. Shop2Grab is one such platform and is available at a price as low as Rs 900 per month (& that even includes the taxes). (more…)

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A Complete CRM Solution for your Business – Kreato

In India, CRM software is considered to be for larger organizations. However, the applicability of CRM Software is as much in small & the medium organisations as in larger organisations.

My team consults to more than 1500 companies in a month. This includes large business and SMBs. And every member of my team agrees that the most important tool for any growing organization is the CRM Software. It is much more important than even your accounting software. The CRM software can help increase productivity and customer satisfaction by multiple folds. (more…)

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Manage Personal Finance & Portfolio with MProfit

If you are looking for a Personal Finance Software to manage your investments, you can try a hand at MProfit. Developed by a bunch of techies who have a co-passion for financial services, the market is all abuzz about Mprofit, a simple, friendly and yet extremely powerful personal finance software that lets you track and manage all your financial assets and investments in a single location. MProfit gives a consolidated view of all your investment instruments like stocks, mutual funds, F&O, insurance, gold, fixed deposits, private equity and many more at one go which lets you analyze better and take informed decisions. (more…)

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Create your own Business Application in < 60 Minutes

Gone are the days of looking for technology solutions!

Wooqer now enables Business users to create their own web and mobile applications without ANY technical dependence.

Didn’t get it? Just think of e-mail and how it enabled us to communicate directly without dependence on the postal system, how ATMs enabled cash withdrawal without tellers, and travel portals enabled bookings without Travel agents. (more…)

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