TIEMCHART – Web based Enterprise Project Management Software

When we are talking about Project Management Software for business, TIEMCHART becomes necessary to mention because of its increasing popularity in SMBs.

Microsoft Project, and Oracle Primavera seem to be favourable choices for large enterprises and  there are numerous other online providers for project management software, but most of them lack when it comes to advanced project management features like critical path, free float, earliest start, latest start, resource allocation etc. Such providers are addressing more on task management, team management, resource management etc but lack in providing project monitoring tools. (more…)

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CuckooTech review featured

CuckooTech: Attendance Management Software Review

We have reviewed many Attendance Management Software – Indian and international, but to put CuckooTech Gamified 3.1 in any of the traditional slots is difficult. We can say, it is T&A Plus, as it goes beyond just time and attendance compliance. Apart from providing attendance management and leave management which every T&A software provides, Cuckoo differentiates itself from others with the features like Gamification, Patented Biometric Solution, Multi Location Attendance and Contractor Management. (more…)

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kreato crm - review

Kreato CRM: Automation & Artificial Intelligence-Powered CRM

We did a review of Kreato CRM software in 2014. Its 2 years now. The team at Kreato has been continuously hustling to make it better and more user-friendly. In these 2 years, they have added many rich features to the software – with prime focus on smartly utilizing the data generated from your team activities. We, at softwaresuggest, have been getting a lot of positive feedback from users on Kreato’s workflow automation & in-depth actionable reports. Keeping in mind the drastic yet wonderful changes undergone by the software and also to do justice to Kreato’s team efforts, we have decided to review Kreato again.    (more…)

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Power up your Pharma Business with Uneecops Plus+ featured

Power up your Pharma Business with Uneecops Plus+

A customized add-on for SAP Business One that helps your pharmaceutical business run better!

The pharmaceutical industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years and is emerging as one of the strongest sectors in the healthcare economy. To support their growing business, a lot of pharmaceutical companies are opting for SAP Business One as a standard ERP solution. (more…)

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FCA Integral ERP Software

Why FCA Integral Is A Masterpiece In ERP Software

ERPS or Enterprise Resource Planning Software is one of the types of Business Management Software that provides a multitude of business process integration ranging from Finance to  Production via modules real-time running on a variety of hardware and networking sub-systems based on a centralized database.

FCA Integral is one of the most highly sophisticated and sought after Enterprise Resource Planning software tailored by the Indian ERP software giant – the Escape System Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (more…)

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HR-One : The Complete Employee Lifecycle Management System

HR-One is the flagship product of Delhi-based Uneecops Technologies Ltd. Today, this software system is among the most trusted and widely used HR automation system in the market. HR-One is a Simple, Scalable, and Accessible Employee Lifecycle Management System. It has been designed and developed to enable better workplaces, to make workplaces more simplified and productive. (more…)

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Empower your Potentialities with Ideal HR Solution featured

Empower your Potentialities with Ideal HR Solution

The current day business scenario has become increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Organizations, in order to outpace their customers, have to reshape some of the crucial areas of their business. Human Resource is one among those. They need to do HR Solution in a way that would enable a completely new type of organization viz. the one designed around highly nimble and responsive talent. (more…)

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HRAPP – The New Benchmark In The Field Of HR Management

HRAPP – The New Benchmark In The Field Of HR Management

HRAPP is a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) product developed by Caprice Technologies. HRAPP serves as a Cloud-based Human Resources Management System (HRMS) and offers comprehensive functionalities in the field of HR Management and Payroll Management. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of HRAPP is its simple and easy to use dashboard-type interface that can be mastered in no time by individuals having basic computer knowledge and application skills. HRAPP empowers the HR team to carry out complex HR Management tasks such as accessing details related to organization, Employees’ Data, Payroll, HR reports etc. at the click of a mouse. In short, with HRAPP, the HR Team of the Organization will have complete control over all the HR activities. (more…)

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KissFlow Featured (1)

KiSSFLOW Workflow automation software: Why business users love it

Workflow management and BPM software is meant to make life easier. It is supposed to control the chaos around the office and bring automation to the workplace.

However, to install and update workflow software as a nontechnical business leader is typically a huge challenge. The software is generally very complex and difficult to understand. Because every organization is unique, a lot of customization is always required which generally means a extra coding and a higher cost. (more…)

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MyEasyISO Featured

Empowering quality standards with MyEasyISO

As the old saying goes “Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better”. And when it comes to earning excellence in maintaining quality, you need to put in consistent laborious efforts. There are various stages from creation to implementation, from quality planning and assurance to quality control & improvement. Albeit, we require a standard based on which quality has to be maintained to ensure satisfactory results.  (more…)

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