expert interview with Ben Puzzuoli cayzu

Expert Interview with Ben Puzzuoli, BD at Cayzu

Cayzu is a cloud-based help desk software solution designed to manage customer service for small and medium-sized businesses. Cayzu features include ticket management, Facebook & Twitter integration, mobile apps, real-time reporting, and instant notifications; manage multiple brands from a single portal and more.

In this interview, we talk with Ben Puzzuoli the senior business developer at Cayzu and walk along the intriguing experience he has with Cayzu. (more…)

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Founders Interview- Co-founder Tapan Dixit

Expert Interview with Tapan Dixit- TaleSpin.

Talespin is a customer focused solution which helps retail brands increase conversion. The technology stack uses machine learning libraries to classify images and helps answer lots of questions for customers – “What to buy?” , “Is there anything similar to this?” and “Is this available in my size?”.
In this interview, we glance through the insightful takes on the spin with the Co-Founder at TaleSpin, Tapan Dixit. (more…)

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founders interview- coo alessandro gasparini, logical-doc

Expert Interview with Alessandro Gasparini- LogicalDOC

Praised as best open source application in 2014 and best document management system in 2016, LogicalDOC is the ultimate software solution for companies and organizations.

Founded in 2006, LogicalDOC has successfully served hundreds of customers worldwide.

At its core LogicalDOC is a cross-platform, DMS (document management software) and KMS (knowledge management software) designed to meet the needs of every modern business.

Thanks to the many features of the platform, it can save you from a lot of hustle and keep your files organized in a smart, paperless way. (more…)

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Freshsales Interview

Expert Interview with Srivatsan Venkatesan, Business head at Freshsales.

Freshsales is a full-fledged CRM software made for high-velocity sales teams. It emerged with an idea to target the need to integrate more tools into one CRM. In addition to building all of the basics, they have also integrated phone and email into it so that sales reps can manage conversations from one place. Along with that, Freshsales has event tracking in the system so that sales reps could see what users were doing on their website or product. (more…)

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expert interview series, steve benson CEO Badger

Expert Interview with Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps

The Badger Map is focused on one particular type of salesperson – the Field Sales Rep. A Field Sales Rep goes out and does business by meeting with customers and prospects face to face. The Founder and CEO of Badger MapsSteve Benson believes that this particular type of salesperson has been overlooked by other sales solutions in the marketplace. This is because there are fewer of them than other types of sales reps, so general solutions tend to focus on what is most common. (more…)

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Expert Interview- Mohammed Ali, CEO Primaseller

Expert Interview with Mohammed Ali, CEO of Primaseller

Before starting Primaseller in 2013, Mohammed Ali – Founder and CEO of Primaseller has had an interesting mix of experiences. He worked at Oracle after his engineering from NIT Surathkal, and then did his MBA from IIM Lucknow. After that he worked in a diverse range of companies: A Commodity Trading Company in Ivory Coast, Africa to two of Rocket Internet’s ventures in Gurgaon, before finally taking the Entrepreneurial plunge. (more…)

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Expert Interview Series- Nizamudheen, CEO Toolyt

Expert Interview with Nizamudheen V, CEO of Toolyt

“Toolyt SFA is more than just Sales Cycle Management.”- Says Nizamudheen, CEO at Toolyt.

Toolyt entered the market of Sales Force Automation with a vision to deliver a compact Field Force Automation (SFA) software. According to Nizamudheen, the idea of Toolyt came to him when he realized that Sales Force Automation hasn’t really kept pace with other components of Customer Relationship Management. (more…)

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