expert interview series, steve benson CEO Badger

Expert Interview with Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps

The Badger Map is focused on one particular type of salesperson – the Field Sales Rep. A Field Sales Rep goes out and does business by meeting with customers and prospects face to face. The Founder and CEO of Badger MapsSteve Benson believes that this particular type of salesperson has been overlooked by other sales solutions in the marketplace. This is because there are fewer of them than other types of sales reps, so general solutions tend to focus on what is most common. (more…)

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Expert Interview- Mohammed Ali, CEO Primaseller

Expert Interview with Mohammed Ali, CEO of Primaseller

Before starting Primaseller in 2013, Mohammed Ali – Founder and CEO of Primaseller has had an interesting mix of experiences. He worked at Oracle after his engineering from NIT Surathkal, and then did his MBA from IIM Lucknow. After that he worked in a diverse range of companies: A Commodity Trading Company in Ivory Coast, Africa to two of Rocket Internet’s ventures in Gurgaon, before finally taking the Entrepreneurial plunge. (more…)

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Expert Interview Series- Nizamudheen, CEO Toolyt

Expert Interview with Nizamudheen V, CEO of Toolyt

“Toolyt SFA is more than just Sales Cycle Management.”- Says Nizamudheen, CEO at Toolyt.

Toolyt entered the market of Sales Force Automation with a vision to deliver a compact Field Force Automation (SFA) software. According to Nizamudheen, the idea of Toolyt came to him when he realized that Sales Force Automation hasn’t really kept pace with other components of Customer Relationship Management. (more…)

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Expert Interview aayuush daga

Expert Interview with Aayuush Daga, Co-Founder of AppyNitty Communications

Established in April 2016, Appynitty Communications is a global product engineering and digital services company having a forte in Mobile Application development. We are App Experts across all industry verticals like Automobile, Real-Estate, Restaurants, Hotels, Tours and Travels, Education, Salon & Spa, Hospitals and much more.

We are expanding our horizon to provide our clients end-to-end digital marketing services to create formidable digital impressions through Websites, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization while giving a boost to digital sales through Lead Generation campaigns. (more…)

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Interview series Anupam Rajey

Expert Interview with Anupam Rajey, CEO-Acelerar

Hundreds of Startups with million dollar ideas are launched every day. Many fades away, some others fight on to survive, while many few are able to reach the pinnacle of success. And Acelerar Tech is one such Startup which can easily be placed in the prestigious third category. Today, Acelerar Tech is one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing Companies in India.

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Karan shah expert interview

Interview with Karan Shah, Director of Solute TechnoLabs

In this Golden era of Entrepreneurship, it is imperative that you as a business owner make your Organization stand out from the crowd. And the only way you can do this is by adopting a long-term and innovative vision.  Only such business organizations are able to survive in the current cut-throat world of competition. Solute TechnoLabs is one among such organizations that have not only survived this competition but have become a sort of Industry Leader when it comes to Web & Mobile Apps Development. (more…)

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Interview with Raj Kothari, Co-founder of CAREERKHOJJ featured

Interview with Raj Kothari, Co-founder of CAREERKHOJJ

Career is something which defines an individual’s journey through learning, work & other aspects of life. Today’s world provides a wide range of career options to choose from. Choosing a right career at initial stage will determine the future of an individual. Be it search of a school for studies or institute for any certification, college for higher education or be it various study centres; it becomes rather comfortable if one finds the correct guidance. With the increasing competition, students as well as parents, search for a counsellor or career advisor to choose a career option wisely. What if you don’t have to move from your place & you get a perfect guidance sitting in the comfort of your home? Well, here CAREERKHOJJ comes to your service. (more…)

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