Expert Interview with Vijay Yalamanchili – CEO of Keka

Keka is a self funded organization which was born because of the frustration of using HR software that weren’t up to the mark. So, they begin to make their own. A Hyderabad based company believes that Indian employees need a better HR assistance, and they are continuously achieving that goal. Keka provides software assistance in Payroll, talent management and Human Resources.

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Expert Interview with Szabolcs Herman - CEO of SabeeApp

Expert Interview with Szabolcs Herman – CEO of SabeeApp

SabeeApp provides great tools to hospitality industry no matter how small or big your business is. Szabolcs Herman – CEO of SabeeApp, believes that the hospitality industry is built on the idea to create homely environment and it should not be about managing Administration all the time. That’s why SabeeApp comes with features like Front Desk System, Hotel booking Engine, Hotel Payment Gateway, and many more to make your hotel administration far too easy. (more…)

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Founders Interview by SoftwareSuggest- CEO at CoursePlay- Arjun Gupta

Expert Interview with Arjun Gupta- CoursePlay

Courseplay is more than simply an ed tech or e-learning solution for organizations. If you have a small, medium or large company or organization, Courseplay can help you bring down the cost of training and multiply your training capacity with a few clicks of a button. Detailed reports will provide useful insights about your organization. Courseplay is the property of Firstventure Corporation Private Limited, an up-and-coming privately-funded education-technology company. (more…)

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expert interview with Dipti Gore, founder of FireUp

Expert Interview with Dipti Gore, Founder of Fireup

Dipti Gore is the founder of Fireup Inc and Techstory Media Private Limited. Both her companies help startups and small businesses market their business to customers through effective storytelling. Fireup provides a platform where companies can record their own journey displayed in the form of milestones on a company timeline. is a media platform that publishes interviews and stories of interesting startups, entrepreneurs and technology businesses. A strong belief that brand stories, told in an impactful manner, can significantly help in driving growth is the idea at the heart of both her companies. (more…)

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expert interview with Ben Puzzuoli cayzu

Expert Interview with Ben Puzzuoli, BD at Cayzu

Cayzu is a cloud-based help desk software solution designed to manage customer service for small and medium-sized businesses. Cayzu features include ticket management, Facebook & Twitter integration, mobile apps, real-time reporting, and instant notifications; manage multiple brands from a single portal and more.

In this interview, we talk with Ben Puzzuoli the senior business developer at Cayzu and walk along the intriguing experience he has with Cayzu. (more…)

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Founders Interview- Co-founder Tapan Dixit

Expert Interview with Tapan Dixit- TaleSpin.

Talespin is a customer focused solution which helps retail brands increase conversion. The technology stack uses machine learning libraries to classify images and helps answer lots of questions for customers – “What to buy?” , “Is there anything similar to this?” and “Is this available in my size?”.
In this interview, we glance through the insightful takes on the spin with the Co-Founder at TaleSpin, Tapan Dixit. (more…)

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founders interview- coo alessandro gasparini, logical-doc

Expert Interview with Alessandro Gasparini- LogicalDOC

Praised as best open source application in 2014 and best document management system in 2016, LogicalDOC is the ultimate software solution for companies and organizations.

Founded in 2006, LogicalDOC has successfully served hundreds of customers worldwide.

At its core LogicalDOC is a cross-platform, DMS (document management software) and KMS (knowledge management software) designed to meet the needs of every modern business.

Thanks to the many features of the platform, it can save you from a lot of hustle and keep your files organized in a smart, paperless way. (more…)

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