app every digital nomad need featured

Apps Every Digital Nomad Needs

Digital nomads are living their life to the fullest. They travel around the world and work at the same time, which gives them an opportunity to see faraway lands, meet many interesting people and run away from 9 to 5 jobs fueled with huge amounts of work-related stress. But digital nomads don’t have super-powers and even they sometimes have problems with fitting into completely new society and adjusting their life habits and work obligations with things each new city has to offer. In this article we listed some of the most useful apps and tools that will enable them to take the most out of every destination they visit. (more…)

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Big Data and HPCC Systems Work Together featured

Big Data and HPCC Systems Work Together

Just like Big Data is ubiquitous, Hadoop occupies a wide landscape in the global market.  Since its inception by Doug Cutting, Hadoop is the most credible and sound processing, and delivery platform to handle massive amounts of data across all departments. However, with the latest developments and some traditionally established systems in technology to confront this data eruption, enterprises, together with Hadoop, are adopting Apache Spark and an intensive open source computing platform, High-Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC). (more…)

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Why You Should Care About the New Windows 10 Update featured

Why You Should Care About the New Windows 10 Update

Microsoft released its first major update for Windows 10, making numerous changes that improve and enhance the newest version of Windows. The new update builds upon the success of the original Windows 10 release by adding features and making it more stable and secure. Like the full version of Windows 10, the operating system update comes to users free of charge and promises to make Windows-based computers faster and easier to use at home and work.

Microsoft has done a lot to make the update easy to install and a pleasure to use. To help you understand their accomplishment, we have listed many of the key features of the update. (more…)

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