Why You Should Use an Email Verification Service for Your Email Lists

A lot of online businesses still choose email marketing to promote their products and services but fail to receive the benefits because the email list contains fake emails or low-quality contacts. This has led many businesses to believe that email marketing is an outdated marketing tactic. But the fact is, email marketing is very productive method, but the low quality email addresses reduce the effect of the campaign. Therefore, if you have an email list and you’re trying to work out the best way of taking advantage of it, you should first consider checking your email list using an


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3 brands - offbeat branding methods

3 Brands Who Did It Through Their ‘Offbeat’ Branding Methods

Without a strong conscious branding exercise, your business will become another average company in your industry. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you must adopt an exclusive personality and direction. To make it simpler for you to understand, here are 3 brands who did ‘it” by adopting never-before-seen or heard branding methods.

Take a look at the article below to understand what they did and how they did it. (more…)

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5 Vital Pieces of Software for Small Businesses

The world has moved into the digital age and while there are still a few traditionalists left here and there, the truth is that even they couldn’t function if digital technology was completely taken away from them. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier and that logic applies nowhere better than in the office. Right from using something as basic as a Microsoft Word document, to something as complicated as producing company statistics from a business analytics tool; the modern business is heavily dependent on software. If you are trying to figure out what the must have pieces of software which you will need for your new business to function as it should are, this list should prove to be useful. (more…)

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business trends

5 Key Technological Trends Businesses Should Embrace in 2017

Digitizing processes and cutting costs are the two major considerations for financial managers in 2017. Making the most of modern business intelligence and investing in an efficient solution is highly required for managers to keep pace in this competitive world. The following are 5 key technological trends that business analysts should be aware of in 2017. (more…)

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Security concerns related to mobile apps

Common Security Concerns with Mobile Apps

Despite the security issues blamed on wireless connections and hardware, mobile apps themselves have vulnerabilities that put users’ data and devices at risk. With smart hosting, you can minimize a website’s vulnerabilities, but apps are more complex. Let’s look at the common security concerns with mobile apps. We’ll also address ways to minimize these security concerns. (more…)

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How to Reinvent Your Office Space for the Digital Age

How to Reinvent Your Office Space for the Digital Age

Technology developed during the Information Age has changed the way we do business. Traditional office environments designed to supervise and manage workers using typewriters and other archaic equipment no longer work.

Computers have evolved beyond their initial role as word processors to be communication hubs that support IP telephony and video conferencing. Additionally, mobile devices now handle much of the workload that previously required dedicated workstations. (more…)

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CRM tool data import export

Salesforce Data Loader – The best CRM tool for Data Import and Export

Salesforce Data Loader is a collaborative feature of Salesforce.  This client application platform has gained mass popularity, especially amongst large data file users. It eases the transfer and slight update of bulk files. Currently, the CRM tool is featured in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience Packages. Salesforce is best CRM tool data import export. (more…)

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The Best Free Apps and Online Tools for Entrepreneurs

80+ Great Apps and Online Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startups

Starting a business is hard, especially when you don’t have the right tools. But how do you knows which tools are the best to use?

Ask someone smart, efficient, and experienced–like Rob Fitzpatrick, a serial entrepreneur, author of a great book on how to talk to customers, and a partner at Founder Centric, designers and teachers of top-tier startup education.

Rob put together a brain dump of tools he frequently turns to for his projects. Some are more obvious, others fairly unusual, but each can be extremely useful for startups: (more…)

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