8 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs to Improve Their Business

One thing that goes very well with every business is saving the costs yet being effective and efficient. It can be a tedious job considering how much extra entrepreneurs put in just to save some extra bucks.  Here we present you a list of free tools for entrepreneurs and would save you a lot of money. Yes you heard it right, FREE!

There are many free tools for entrepreneurs  out there but not all are exactly “free” considering the games developers play with us with the so called “free versions. But worry not, this list consists of software which are really free, without any forced upgrades after the trial period is over. These are genuinely free to use as long as you want them. (more…)

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Road Map To Buy A Software For Your Business [Infographic]

Finding the right software for your business can be a cumbersome task. After-all, we don’t do it often (& it is only good for the business, if we don’t need to do it often). To simplify the process, the SoftwareSuggest’s team has created a Road Map to Buying a Software for Small & Medium Business. It will take you through the steps in selecting the ideal software and ensure the best software for your business and thus, the  achievement of  business objective. (more…)

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How To Evaluate a Campus Management System

Our education industry is in a state of transformation. The age old system of education is crumbling and a new generation of more informed students have emerged who need updated and upgraded as well as individualistic learning system. The schools and campuses are under increased pressure to stay technologically ahead and perform better while managing their pockets. Campus Management systems are an answer to their need of the hour with ERP that consolidate various needs of the campus onto one single platform. (more…)

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