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Top 10 Software for Doctors

Doctors have one of the most stressful jobs in the world – building up treatment plans, attending to patients, charting, administrative work and keeping up with the latest advances in medical technology. Doctors are our miracle workers on Earth and sure seem to have their hands full at all given times! However, with the advent of modern technology encompassing all aspects of life, it is no surprise that there are a number of time-saving convenient software for doctors. (more…)

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Landing Pages Built To Drive Higher Conversions featured

Landing Pages: Built To Drive Higher Conversions

As a software vendor you should know that a Landing Page is the most effective conversion tool. Even if your pages are well-optimized, your marketing is well equipped and you have good paid search ads, it’s not guaranteed that you would see your conversion number moving. Moreover, if you don’t have a good landing page, it’s like going to bat without a cricket bat. When describing Landing page in its purest sense it can be said that it is any web-page that a visitor can arrive or “Land-ON”. (more…)

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10 Things to Remember when selecting a Business Software featured

Top 10 Criteria for Selecting Business Software

According to the recent trends, business are looking for such software which would measure and increase their productivity. However, the key to make the most out of a software solution is to choose the correct business software in the first place which suits your needs and is in accordance with your business module. The market is flooded with hundreds and thousands of software solutions, each promising to be the best in the field. (more…)

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Top Payroll Software for Small Business featured

Top Payroll Software for Small Business in 2017

Update 1/19/2017: This post has been updated with additional top payroll software options.

Technically speaking, payroll software is defined as a computer program that manages a company’s payroll necessities. For small and medium businesses, we know it’s a formidable task to sit at the end of every month and pour in many hours to summing up the salary details for each employee. Often, in such companies the owner has to perform multiple duties and it’s difficult to spare time for calculating overtimes and employees taxes. (more…)

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10 Must-Have Features of Point of Sale (POS) Software featured

10 Must-Have Features of Point of Sale (POS) Software

Millions of retail and hospitality businesses are using Point of Sale software. A right POS software will give the business a new level of control over operations. It will increase efficiency, boost profits and will help to fine-tune its business model. The wrong system, however, can be a waste of money, time and a source of frustration.

The mistake often made by retailers is to buy software that is not intended for their industry and this confusion mainly arises from the wide range of features available in thousands of software in the market. For example, a gift shop has different needs than a car dealer and a POS for restaurants will not be the same software as a clothing store. So the same POS software will not be compatible to all of them. The differences in features and intended uses of a POS can have a huge impact on your business. (more…)

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Things You should Know before Buying Payroll Software

Payroll is one of the most integral part of any company, and hence it becomes very important to have a competent software to manage it. However, today the market is crowded with a bunch of payroll software consisting of advanced features which makes payroll a simpler and time saving task. As there are ample of software in the market, it is a tough to select the best software for your company. (more…)

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Advanced Guide: Choose the Right HR Software Technology

Update 2/24/2017: This post has been updated with additional advanced HR guide base on user mail.

Gen next technology companies are looking forward to split their investments between core HR teams, integrated HR data analytics and software systems. Thousands of global surveys have been carried out and the results say that one company in every three plans to use or have started using HR technology. There has been an exponential increase in the number of companies opting to strike the right balance between HR executives and technology. But to choose the right HR software is still a challenging task. (more…)

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How to select a right PMS or HMS for your hospitality business?

Property Management Software (PMS) or hotel management software (HMS) are technologies blessing for the hospitality industry.  The main aim is to automate the operation of the hotels. Such as that these software act like the brains behind the operation of the entire property, how many rooms are available and the prices of the same. There are different software available in the market to choose from, some open sources, some web based and some on cloud based application. (more…)

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