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ChefDesk – Introducing Tablet based POS System

The recent generation of customers is becoming more and more tech-savvy and even more reliable on technology to ease out the task and save time. Machination of the system helps businesses as well as end users become more proficient and involved in whatever they do. Mobile phones per say are helping out businesses in every single stage. Added to this, POS restaurants are best advantaged out of this technology. (more…)

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A Cloud Based Restaurant Management Software – ChefDesk

Restaurants have been one of the industry that have readily adopted the new technologies. It is because technologies like Cloud based restaurant management software can help in increasing ease of operation. A restauranteurs can overlook the operation of multiple branches on a real time basis sitting in a remote location. However, the biggest challenge with such software in India is the dependence on the internet. This is one of the reasons why some restaurateurs don’t still want to move to cloud based restaurant management software. The solution for such restauranteurs is – ChefDesk. (more…)

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Increase your Revenue & Reduce Cost with Restaurant Management Software

Restaurants business requires utmost management skills. Right from managing the reservations, to allotting tables, to keeping a tab on timely delivery of orders, each aspect needs to be managed up to perfection. Any delay or error in these activities can lead to major customer dissatisfaction. A simple way to avoid such errors is to use a restaurant management software. (more…)

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