How New Age Mobile POS Systems Are Reinventing Food Ordering

Imagine yourself owning a Restaurant and your Waiters are taking Orders the traditional way by jotting down on notepads. And some customer keeps on changing orders to the extent that the waiter inadvertently makes the changes on another customer’s order! Sounds chaotic, isn’t it? Mistakes like these can’t be avoided when the restaurant is fully packed with hungry shouting customers, creating so much confusion. But if you have implemented the new-age advanced Mobile POS System in your restaurant, the whole process that lies between the 3 stake-holders: The Customer, Waiter, and the Kitchen Staff, can be easily simplified and smoothed. (more…)

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Free and Open Source Point of Sale (POS) Software

Point Of Sale (POS) software is required to handle the transactions which process the funds. POS software also provides an e-store which manages the inventory and has many more features. Till now, many retailers are spending huge amount of money on premium point of sale softwares. But, there are many advanced yet freemium POS software for small businesses having extraordinary features that deal with Mega Stores, Inventory Management software for Businesses, Employee Management, and so on. If you want to grow your business without spending much, choose one of the following free and open source POS software and see the difference. (more…)

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Is There Any Industry That Doesnt Require a POS Solution featured

Is There Any Industry That Doesn’t Require a POS Solution?

Point-of-sale is fast becoming the new trend in the world of brick-and-mortar business, and it should come as no surprise. Just as landlines are being replaced by smartphones, traditional cash registers are being replaced by iPads. It’s not simply a matter of technology. It’s a matter of staying competitive in a business landscape that is far more saturated than ever before. But if you’re a business owner, maybe you’re still on the fence as to whether POS solution is for you.

As popular as these systems have become, they’re still not ideal for every market and every industry, and so it’s important to ask yourself some key questions before making the investment. (more…)

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10 Must-Have Features of Point of Sale (POS) Software featured

10 Must-Have Features of Point of Sale (POS) Software

Millions of retail and hospitality businesses are using Point of Sale software. A right POS software will give the business a new level of control over operations. It will increase efficiency, boost profits and will help to fine-tune its business model. The wrong system, however, can be a waste of money, time and a source of frustration.

The mistake often made by retailers is to buy software that is not intended for their industry and this confusion mainly arises from the wide range of features available in thousands of software in the market. For example, a gift shop has different needs than a car dealer and a POS for restaurants will not be the same software as a clothing store. So the same POS software will not be compatible to all of them. The differences in features and intended uses of a POS can have a huge impact on your business. (more…)

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ChefDesk – Introducing Tablet based POS System

The recent generation of customers is becoming more and more tech-savvy and even more reliable on technology to ease out the task and save time. Machination of the system helps businesses as well as end users become more proficient and involved in whatever they do. Mobile phones per say are helping out businesses in every single stage. Added to this, POS restaurants are best advantaged out of this technology. (more…)

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How to Choose the Right POS System for Retail Store

The majority of today’s retail businesses rely on point-of-sale (POS) systems for ringing up sales, but that is only the tip of the iceberg. A good POS System for Retail Store system can be extremely advantageous for companies that know how to incorporate them into daily operations correctly. Modern POS systems can be synched to mobile phones or tablets, providing an unprecedented level of convenience and sales tracking power. (more…)

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How to Select the Best POS?

Companies today have realized the importance of installing a POS, for further growth and business. There are many POS developers, who offer applications with their respective advantages. But as a part of the business management, how do you select the apt one? A POS can be crudely described as an automobile. An automobile manufactured in the U.S.A might not give enough mileage in Asian countries. Similarly, an automobile that is targeted to consumers in Australia, may be too expensive for consumers in African Parts. (more…)

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