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Why You Should Move From Hosted To Cloud-based Distribution Management Software

As eCommerce has become more and more prominent as a means of selling products directly to customers, distribution management solutions have naturally begun to migrate to the cloud. And many businesses are making the shift to the cloud as well. Some businesses still use legacy distribution management solutions installed locally on a desktop PC or Mac, but going this route has proven to have an increasing number of limitations, especially when there are better options available. As more systems are becoming Web-based, it is now essential to be in the cloud in order to integrate with all of those systems that are in the cloud, too. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having your distribution management system in the cloud. (more…)

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9 Best Inventory Control Systems

10 Best Inventory Control Systems

$1.1 trillion of cash and cash equivalents of US corporations is estimated to be tied up in inventory. To make things worse, 46% of SMBs do not have a proper inventory stock control system. That told, a good inventory control system can raise business profitability to great heights. An automated inventory control system unburdens the need to maintain manual records for monitoring stock levels and allied operations. (more…)

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Tally ERP 9: A Smarter way to manage Inventory

How things go topsy-turvy if right things don’t happen at the right time?

In any organization operations are liable to become chaotic if the right decisions are not taken at the right time. Ideally, we expect things to happen by clockwork precision, but unfortunately, that is not always the case and one has to deal with unexpected contingencies. Sometimes blunders in communication occur which prove to be very costly to an organization – it could lead to a loss of precious customers which directly impacts the bottom line profits. Inaccurate business choices could also lead to a lack of internal co-ordination between the various departments of a firm. (more…)

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Top 10 Benefits of Inventory Management Featured

Top 10 Benefits of Inventory Management [Infographic]

The biggest challenges being faced by the retailers today are the methods “to capture data sets” and “what to do with those captured data sets?” Many of the companies use a selection of disparate systems to manage their businesses. But these systems may prove to be very challenging when tracking inventory. For this purpose we are providing you the best ways for managing inventory with the help of this infographic. (more…)

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Alternatives to Inflow inventory

4 Feature – Rich Alternatives To inFlow Inventory

There is no question on the fact that inFlow Inventory is one of the highly known inventory management applications among small business owners. It has different amazing features which have attracted features such as movement history to control and track stock and organizes items with respect to the locations and categories. Also, it has built-in barcode scanners which can be used for improved and efficient inventory management. Besides making inventory tracking and management easier, it also calculates your total sale,  costs of goods you have and profit you have gained to make taxation process easier. Although, it has many perks but there are some limitations such as inventory management for few number of pcs in the free edition and being a client-side tool only has compelled business owners to look for an alternate to it. Alternatives to inflow inventory can be beneficial to you as you can overcome the limitations being possessed by inflow inventory.


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How to Protect Your Data When Using Inventory Management Software featured

How to Protect Your Data When Using Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software has allowed businesses to save a great deal of time and resources on keeping track of what they’ve sold and what they need. It allows employees to spend more time with customers and managers to give more attention to other pressing needs of the business.

Yet the technology is not without risks, albeit manageable ones. Cyber criminals and corporate spies would like nothing more than to get a hold of your business records to make a profit or gain the upper hand. Think about what you could do if you had your competitor’s data. You need to protect your assets, and information is merely an intangible asset. This is especially true if you store your information on a cloud service, which are notoriously unreliable with all of the news about data breaches recently. (more…)

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top free & open source inventory management software

Top Free & Open Source Inventory Management Software

Tracking inventory!!

A business as an entity requires a much attention as you can give to your new born baby. Constant attention. And, one of the ways clever business managers can achieve this is through inventory tracking. Inventory in business may be either hardware or software products.

You need to know where your inventory comes from, how much your business has and most importantly how your business profits from the sale of its inventory. (more…)

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Manage your Multichannel eCommerce with Inventory Management Software[Infographic]

Any retailer,both online & offline would agree that inventory management is crucial to business success.As the market is increasing and sellers are introducing long product lines,inventory management is getting more and more complicated. Here is an infographic that will show several ways how inventory management software may help an online retailer. (more…)

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