Infographic – Top Ways to Motivate Employees And Why They’re Unengaged

Many employers hold the belief that “motivation” simply means rewarding good behavior and punishing bad. Those rewards and punishments often remain the same no matter what the situation is or which employee is involved.

But motivation isn’t a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing. It’s most effective when leaders adapt it to specific situations. Motivation needs to be tailored to your company’s culture at the very least and to individual employees whenever possible. (more…)

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Billing and Invoicing software

Infographic- Top Ten Billing and Invoicing Software in 2016

The procedure of bookkeeping has sure been an unremarkable undertaking until the process gets streamlined with the innovation of Billing and Invoicing Software. With the innovation of updated software frameworks, dealing with the bills and solicitations has now turned a lot simpler and easy process. The Billing and Invoicing software solution come extraordinarily composed with all the efficient tools to help the entrepreneurs, in a thorough way to monitor numerous receipt and records just by a couple taps on the mouse. Through the era of reports, strong billing and invoicing software try to arrange the organization’s accounts in the best way possible. (more…)

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5 Ways ERP Software Can Deliver ROI (Return on Investment) – Infographic

If there is one system that most of the companies implements nowadays, it is the ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that automates core business functions such as inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and others. These various functions are integrated into a one system which improves company’s efficiency and productivity significantly. (more…)

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Top Ten best erp software

Infographic- Top Ten Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Enterprise Resource Planning or ‘ERP’  is an integral part of any business organization considering the flexible usage of the resources and an amount of investments acquired for the particular business procedure.
The presence of an Enterprise Resource Planning Software ensures better resource utilization and better growth dynamics, considering the applicable options for extensive organizational growth. It proves for greater automation features in terms of cost estimation, shipping and other such equally important criteria, to bring in better business standards. (more…)

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Social Recruiting tips to attract Best Talent

Social Recruiting tips to attract Best Talent

Social Recruiting is a term that is floating in the recruitment market nowadays. According to wepow, 79% of job seekers use social media in their job search. Hence, recruiters are shifting their focus on choosing right talent through social media. Providing you some social recruiting tips with the help of infographic.  These would help you in attracting the best talent for your organization thereby enhancing the overall productivity. (more…)

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Web Help Desk Software - Why you need it Featured

Web Help Desk Software: Why you need it?

Help Desk Software helps business resolve various problems. Be it technical issues, marketing related problems or customer dissatisfaction, all these tasks can be dealt very easily with the help of help desk software. Help desk software can organize information, streamline the workflow and can eliminate sundry manual processes. To understand more about how can it be done or why help desk is required for this purpose, check out the below infographic. (more…)

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Outsmart your business with Applicant Tracking System Featured

Outsmart your business with Applicant Tracking System

In the fast pacing world of today, recruiters look forward to rely more on technology than manpower. They believe that old, outdated hiring process may help them through the year, but they won’t be able to give an extra edge on a competition for top talent. They feel that a company’s recruitment efforts have to be sound enough to handle hundreds of resumes. Therefore, they opt for either applicant tracking system or recruitment management system. To understand how recruitment process can be done easily with the technology, we have prepared an infographic elaborating about the help these bots can provide in enhancing the performance of the recruitment process.


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