How do ESS Portals Help in Managing Payroll issues?

When it comes to technology in the field of human resources and payroll software, Employee Self-Service or ESS technology is one of the most popular innovations. Companies across sectors such as retail, education, F&B, hospitality etc. are reaping the benefits of an ESS portals. What attracts HR practitioners and payroll managers to this software is its ability to reduce the administrative workload for them. (more…)

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Payroll Software or Payroll Outsourcing? What should you select?

Payroll is an important aspect of human resources, especially in a large firm wherein there are many employees. With computerization of most departments, it only makes sense to use technology to efficiently manage payroll as well.

Growing companies planning to expand its employee base need a professional HR Payroll software like SumHR, Nitso Payroll, JSM Payroll, EazePay. (more…)

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Things You should Know before Buying Payroll Software

Payroll is one of the most integral part of any company, and hence it becomes very important to have a competent software to manage it. However, today the market is crowded with a bunch of payroll software consisting of advanced features which makes payroll a simpler and time saving task. As there are ample of software in the market, it is a tough to select the best software for your company. (more…)

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