7 Factors to Consider before Creating an Attendance policy

Selecting the most suitable attendance policy for your organization is never an easy task. These seven considerations should help you choose between flexi-time attendance or fixed-time attendance.

Most organizations employ a time and attendance management system that help them to not only capture data for compliance, but also to increase employee engagement. This helps ensure their most important asset is utilized efficiently. (more…)

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CuckooTech review featured

CuckooTech: Attendance Management Software Review

We have reviewed many Attendance Management Software – Indian and international, but to put CuckooTech Gamified 3.1 in any of the traditional slots is difficult. We can say, it is T&A Plus, as it goes beyond just time and attendance compliance. Apart from providing attendance management and leave management which every T&A software provides, Cuckoo differentiates itself from others with the features like Gamification, Patented Biometric Solution, Multi Location Attendance and Contractor Management. (more…)

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How IoT is Going to Play a Major Role in Biometric Systems

Internet of Things has revolutionized lifestyle to a highly great extent. Perhaps the best example of the emergence of the Internet Of Things is the successful implementation of the Biometric Access Systems on a massive scale. The very application of this technology facilitates the inclusion of obtained biometric data like Attendance Management System, Fingerprint scans, Iris scans, and the like to provide ease of access to systems requiring essential authentication and validation. One might also consider this viewpoint in terms of security aspects, especially when this type of system is highly attributed to personal validation. (more…)

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Attendance Management Software – Enhancing the Efficiency of your Organization

Management and maintenance of employee time and attendance records is crucial to any organization regardless of its size. The accuracy and efficiency of an organization’s attendance management system affects the overall efficiency of the organization. An inefficient and poorly executed attendance management system can become a bottleneck for all other processes and drastically reduce the productivity of the organization. A manually managed attendance system is inefficient and error prone. The task of manual data entry is very time consuming and cumbersome. (more…)

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