An Invisible Batman Protects the Hospitality Industry



The action or crime of stealing.

The very word strikes a negative connotation. Endless movies, TV shows, songs, books and comics have depicted thefts in one form or the other. Hotels and restaurants are no exception to theft. It makes us insecure during our travels. This insecurity has given rise to an entire industry that produces goods just so to keep us safe. From suitcases with chains to safe’s that can be carried around. (more…)

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How to select a right PMS or HMS for your hospitality business?

Property Management Software (PMS) or hotel management software (HMS) are technologies blessing for the hospitality industry.  The main aim is to automate the operation of the hotels. Such as that these software act like the brains behind the operation of the entire property, how many rooms are available and the prices of the same. There are different software available in the market to choose from, some open sources, some web based and some on cloud based application. (more…)

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