3 Technologies You Must Adopt To Improve Your Hotel’s Performance - featured

3 Technologies You Must Adopt To Improve Your Hotel’s Performance

Technologies are not only transforming our everyday lives, but they have changed the hospitality industry forever. Thanks to recent and emerging developments, there are so many ways your hotel can utilize different technologies to improve the guest experience.

For this reason, we have chosen to look at the 3 best technologies to enhance a hotel’s performance. (more…)

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How Hospitality Management Software Can Make Your Hotel More Profitable

The current dynamics of the Hospitality Industry indicate the need for a more tech savvy approach towards enhanced customer experience. Resorting to complex spread sheets and documentation is definitely not a favorable idea in this case. The implementation of a highly effective Hospitality Management Software can help elevate the business standards of the hotel and tourism industry. The use of hospitality management software will definitely provide an immense boost to the performance levels and financial profits in any Hotel. Before we move forward, let us first understand about the various features hospitality management software stands to offer. (more…)

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Improve Hospitality Maintenance Management (1)

6 Ways CMMS can improve Hotel Maintenance Management

The success of hospitality industry relies on just one thing — customer satisfaction. You might boast of the best facilities, best property, excellent staff and unparalleled service, but it just takes one wrong step from your end for the customers to pack their bags and go somewhere else. In the age of social media, it has become even more important to satisfy your customers and make sure they never get a chance to complain about anything. One bad online review can spell disaster for your hotel. Maintenance managers of a hotel have to constantly be on their toes to make sure that the shower has hot water, the Internet and television are working properly, the lamps work etc., and that all the issues, no matter how small, are immediately addressed. (more…)

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top free and open source hotel management software featured

Top Free and Open Source Hotel Management Software

It’s always about productivity and cost-cutting. Hotels and other hospitality establishments are struggling to break-even or stay in business, especially in the wake of unpredictable economic depressions world over. Most establishments are facing a serious cash crunch. Implementing cost cutting strategies are the only ways to overcome this problem. One way of doing it is through automation. The good news is that there are lots of free and open source software that business can utilize for the needs. (more…)

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Enhance Guest Experience with HMS [Infographic] featured1

Enhance Guest Experience with Hotel Management Software [Infographic]

The market of hospitality is as crowded and aggressive as ever. Chains need to enlarge to new markets and independent hotels need to keep pace with the big brands. Every hotel needs a software solution which can deliver innovative solutions to meet the challenges and can help to enhance the experiences of guest.

Here is an infographic that can help hoteliers understand the importance of HMS for enhancing guest experience. (more…)

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Is Your Hotel Business Mobile Yet-banner

Is Your Hotel Business ‘Mobile’ Yet?

Technology has seeped into our lives so much that a popular saying these days is “Hey, there is an app for that too”. These technologies have affected our lives to an extent that mobile apps are used in almost every industry you can think of. Today’s tourists either search for your hotel’s details or make the payment in advance with an app.

The hospitality industry needs to take into cognizance the ubiquity of mobile phone and its usage at each point it encounters a customer. The number of users is expected to rise, technology research company Gartner says, the number of tablets will go past tablet shipments by 2017. (more…)

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onlinebooking (Custom)

Benefits of Booking Engine & Channel Management System – DJUBO

The excrescence of hospitality industry is certainly at a boom at present and continues to do so even during turbulent economic times. This growth has been majorly influenced by the neoplasm emergence of dotcom in the recent times which with its’ great reach and availability has made people more and more reliant on it. People now have varied options available to choose from the widest range possible for their holidays and tours. This in a way even provides them with convenient booking and selection mode. (more…)

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Top Hotel Management Software for your Hotel Business [Infographic]

Leaving behind the legacy of manual management, we have entered into the era of technology. Hotel Management Software help you to be in consistent touch with your day to day business activities and keeps you updated too. This helps you gain higher conversion by increasing the reach. The task that earlier took ages and ample amount of human resource, can now be done using software saving enormous energy and time so that you can focus on the core business. Here is an infographic that shows some of the best Hotel Management Softwares (In No Particular Order) helping you ease out your task. (more…)

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Enhance Guest Experience with Hotel Management Software

The hospitality industry is where customer experiences count the most. Finding new and innovative ways to enhance the guest experience is a foundational pillar for the growth of the hospitality industry.

Hotels of all sizes are enhancing their product offerings to ensure that they capture a share of increased reservations. They achieve so by shifting their focus on ROE (Return on Experience). Hoteliers take the advantage of technological advancement using hotel management software to increase guest’s loyalty & experience. (more…)

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Emerging Trends for Hospitality Industry

Hospitality industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. The transition from providing a mere hotel stay to providing a seamless experience with top most quality is evident in the hotel sector. New trends keep on emerging as hotels try to enhance experience of their customers. In markets where year on year growth is expected to be exponential, tapping on these hot new trends will be the key to maximum revenues. (more…)

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