Top 10 Help Desk Software – 2017

In today’s heavily competitive world, where the Customer is King and customer loyalties as good as their most recent purchase, more and more companies are trying their best to improve their customer interaction process. In an ideal world, each and every customer query, feedback, complaint or suggestion should be handled in real time by well-trained customer care professionals, but in reality, it is not possible in most settings. More and more companies are therefore automating their help desk processes so that the Customer Care functions are prompt, standardized and suitably addressed – all these without the use of a constant human interface. To satisfy this very requirement of Companies, a whole lot of best help desk software are available in the market today, each with their different characteristics and features. (more…)

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Help Desk Software And Its Impact On Businesses

A help desk software is used for providing the customers and the end-users with support and information about any product or service offered by any business organization. The main purpose of a help desk software is to troubleshoot issues and guide the end-users about the particular product or service. In brief, the help desk software can be termed as an application that manages the queries and complaints from end-users, and also maintains the database for the same. (more…)

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Web Help Desk Software - Why you need it Featured

Web Help Desk Software: Why you need it?

Help Desk Software helps business resolve various problems. Be it technical issues, marketing related problems or customer dissatisfaction, all these tasks can be dealt very easily with the help of help desk software. Help desk software can organize information, streamline the workflow and can eliminate sundry manual processes. To understand more about how can it be done or why help desk is required for this purpose, check out the below infographic. (more…)

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Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services featured

Vision Helpdesk:  Simplify Your Customer Support Services

There are times that we just find ourselves going absolutely crazy trying to handle all the nuances of a modern business institution! However, we have to our rescue the revolutionary software called Vision Helpdesk which can help us manage a variety of channels such as E-mail, Twitter, Facebook and calls in an integrated manner. Simplicity, design, pricing, user-friendliness and automation – these key features help in differentiating this software and making it the number one choice for any business firm. (more…)

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15 Must have features of any IT Help Desk Software featured

15 Must-have Features of any IT Help Desk Software

The success of any business strongly relies on customer satisfaction. IT service desk serves as an essential component to bring out customer satisfaction.

However with customer service becoming more and more complex, agents are in an extreme urge to get them equipped on the best practices. Providing the right help desk software with the right set of features helps your agents to stick with industry best practices and to resolve customer issues efficiently. Educating them about the help desk tool through proper training is also mandatory. (more…)

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top free & Open Source Help Desk Software featured

Top Free & Open Source Help Desk Software to Run Your Business Smoothly

Tired of handling customer grievances?
Struggling enough to provide quality customer support?

If the answer to both these questions are yes, you certainly need to anchor your attention to the below mentioned solution. We have put in a little effort to acquaint you with top free and open source help desk software.

Intersection of customer’s needs and company’s capabilities is the sweet pot that a company has to manage to gratify its customers at the best. Retention of customers has become a prime consideration for any business. It is the customers who bring in more business and satisfied customers is what every organization would covet for. (more…)

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