Top 4 Free Productivity Tools for Content Marketers

Content marketing can be time-consuming.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of productivity tools that can help you create better content, remain more productive and get results faster.

This post is a collection of such tools I use on a daily basis. Though you can easily find almost all of these tools for general purposes, this post comprises tools specifically for content marketers.

If you are a content marketer, adding anyone of these productivity tools to your arsenal will help you become more productive. (more…)

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Infographic – Top Ways to Motivate Employees And Why They’re Unengaged

Many employers hold the belief that “motivation” simply means rewarding good behavior and punishing bad. Those rewards and punishments often remain the same no matter what the situation is or which employee is involved.

But motivation isn’t a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing. It’s most effective when leaders adapt it to specific situations. Motivation needs to be tailored to your company’s culture at the very least and to individual employees whenever possible. (more…)

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Benefits Of Business Intelligence And Analytics Tools For Your Company

Business Intelligence (BI) has become a trendy buzzword in today’s business environment. The latest BI platforms have a simple interface, are easy to use, and can be employed effectively even by lay users. They have become easily and widely available which begs the question:

“Why do you need a BI software for your Company?”

This article tries to provide the answer to the above question by detailing all the important benefits your Company can gain by effectively using the BI software for analytics. Read On… (more…)

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7 Areas Where Automation Can Help Small Businesses And Startups

Running a business is challenging. We can read ‘n’ number of posts on how someone quit their cushy job and took up entrepreneurship, aspiring to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. However in reality, they constantly face challenges at every level – Executional, Operational, Financial, and even Existential. But the good thing is, some of this can be very easily controlled! (more…)

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Magento eCommerce Website?

Today, most of the merchants, retailers, and big brands are developing eCommerce websites to promote and sell their products to their potential customers online. However, there are numbers of factors that you need to keep in mind while creating your Magento web store. Most of the Magento store owners are encountering a high bounce rate issues at some or the other point. This situation occurs when the web visitors leave your site directly from the landing page, without even browsing to any other page. There are many reasons for high bounce rate – be it poor user experience, slow loading speed, complex web design, etc. (more…)

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5 Ways ERP Software Can Deliver ROI (Return on Investment) – Infographic

If there is one system that most of the companies implements nowadays, it is the ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that automates core business functions such as inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and others. These various functions are integrated into a one system which improves company’s efficiency and productivity significantly. (more…)

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Leveraging The Best Of e-Commerce Web Development For Your Business-featured1

eCommerce Web Development Strategies for Your Business

eCommerce development is not an unknown term for us these days. It is one of the major aspects of high internet usage (amongst social media, online movie/video streaming, gaming, information transfer and others). After the explosion of eCommerce websites over the past few years, online shopping has become the latest shopping norm. In such scenarios, even retailers who have their stores in prime locations are looking to capture the online channel for growth. They are investing in ecommerce web development as they realize that eCommerce is here to stay. (more…)

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How Will Project Management Software Change In 2017?

There is a lot to discuss about what is cooking in the project management kitchen, as this is one of the software categories tightly bound to rising workflow expectations, and one that underwent most changes in recent years. Project Management Software in 2017, nevertheless, won’t expect teams to reinvent the wheel, but rather to fine tune the process, and address issues related to project performance rather than project success. (more…)

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