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10 Essential Apps for Work-At-Home Professionals

Apps are constantly developing, making us more mobile, and jobs are evolving as well, with office work becoming just another option. These days, more people than ever are work-at-home professionals, whether they are freelancers, self-employed or remote workers with full-time jobs for employees; and along with that. As a result, it is very important to have all the right tools at your disposal. (more…)

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How To Deside On a Startup Idea – By a Startup Named Geniebelt

How To Decide On a Startup Idea – By a Startup Named Geniebelt

It is always exciting to come up with challenging visions of putting together a company. You have to keep in mind, though, that the outcome of your flashy business dream isn’t depended on unique marketing tools or people hidden behind this effort but on the business idea per se. In the end, everything comes down to the core of this idea and to how profitable can be proved to be. This is, of course, inextricably connected to the quality that you provide as well. (more…)

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The Need For HR – Payroll Software And Its Benefits For SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are all the rage these days, springing up like mushrooms across the country. By simple deduction, it’s safe to assume that competition is stiffer than ever before. The inherent nature of any company, let alone an SME, is to be as efficient as possible. Period. This then begs the question, Why are a sizable chunk of them still opting for manual processes when a technological equivalent is staring right at them? The answer can be attributed to multiple conclusions which I’m afraid will far exceed the capacity of this blog. So to give you a brief version, I’ll dive into the key points that make it what it is. Read On… (more…)

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5 Factors To Increase Employee Engagement In Your Organization Featured

5 Sure Shot Tactics that Increase Employee Engagement

Today, Employee Retention has turned out to be a top concern for many organizations. Most companies are making use of Analytics to estimate the Rate of Retention and decode why certain employees are less engaged than others. Top companies are offering various benefits like Free Food, Unlimited Vacations, and even Stock Options to their employees to see which freebie works.

But, do they add real value to Employee Engagement? Let’s see what really works. (more…)

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8 Powerful Email List Building Tools To Skyrocket Your Signup Rate

Did you know that 95% of first-time visitors to your website are not ready to purchase right away? In fact, before making a purchase, it takes 3-4 visits to your website for your potential customers to actually think about buying from you.

If you’re selling a Product or a Service on your website, building an Email List is an essential task because it helps you to create a relationship with your potential customers. You can nurture this relationship to “encourage” them to purchase your product. (more…)

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Top 4 Free Productivity Tools for Content Marketers

Content marketing can be time-consuming.

Thankfully, there’s no shortage of productivity tools that can help you create better content, remain more productive and get results faster.

This post is a collection of such tools I use on a daily basis. Though you can easily find almost all of these tools for general purposes, this post comprises tools specifically for content marketers.

If you are a content marketer, adding anyone of these productivity tools to your arsenal will help you become more productive. (more…)

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Infographic – Top Ways to Motivate Employees And Why They’re Unengaged

Many employers hold the belief that “motivation” simply means rewarding good behavior and punishing bad. Those rewards and punishments often remain the same no matter what the situation is or which employee is involved.

But motivation isn’t a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing. It’s most effective when leaders adapt it to specific situations. Motivation needs to be tailored to your company’s culture at the very least and to individual employees whenever possible. (more…)

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Benefits Of Business Intelligence And Analytics Tools For Your Company

Business Intelligence (BI) has become a trendy buzzword in today’s business environment. The latest BI platforms have a simple interface, are easy to use, and can be employed effectively even by lay users. They have become easily and widely available which begs the question:

“Why do you need a BI software for your Company?”

This article tries to provide the answer to the above question by detailing all the important benefits your Company can gain by effectively using the BI software for analytics. Read On… (more…)

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7 Areas Where Automation Can Help Small Businesses And Startups

Running a business is challenging. We can read ‘n’ number of posts on how someone quit their cushy job and took up entrepreneurship, aspiring to be the next Steve Jobs or Elon Musk. However in reality, they constantly face challenges at every level – Executional, Operational, Financial, and even Existential. But the good thing is, some of this can be very easily controlled! (more…)

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Magento eCommerce Website?

Today, most of the merchants, retailers, and big brands are developing eCommerce websites to promote and sell their products to their potential customers online. However, there are numbers of factors that you need to keep in mind while creating your Magento web store. Most of the Magento store owners are encountering a high bounce rate issues at some or the other point. This situation occurs when the web visitors leave your site directly from the landing page, without even browsing to any other page. There are many reasons for high bounce rate – be it poor user experience, slow loading speed, complex web design, etc. (more…)

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