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5 Key Technological Trends Businesses Should Embrace in 2017

Digitizing processes and cutting costs are the two major considerations for financial managers in 2017. Making the most of modern business intelligence and investing in an efficient solution is highly required for managers to keep pace in this competitive world. The following are 5 key technological trends that business analysts should be aware of in 2017. (more…)

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Best SEO Tools For 2016 Recommended By Industry Experts

Best SEO Tools For 2016 Recommended By Industry Experts

With over 1.2 billion websites, it’s a challenge to drive a decent amount of traffic from search engines.

It’s almost impossible to get a good amount of web traffic without using some tools particularly if you are a beginner to SEO.

Now the question is what are the tools should you use for SEO?

If you search on google best SEO tools, you will get tons of SEO tools name. (more…)

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How Reviews can be a turning point for Business Software Vendor featured

How Reviews can be a Turning Point for Business Software Vendor

Yelpification of the business softwares has reached a tipping point. The reviews of the user increase conversions because they can eliminate any doubts which the potential customers may have about a product. They can even help in product selection.

It has been observed that 61% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase decision. User reviews are proven sales drivers and something the majority of customers will want to see before deciding to make a purchase. (more…)

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Why You Should Care About the New Windows 10 Update featured

Why You Should Care About the New Windows 10 Update

Microsoft released its first major update for Windows 10, making numerous changes that improve and enhance the newest version of Windows. The new update builds upon the success of the original Windows 10 release by adding features and making it more stable and secure. Like the full version of Windows 10, the operating system update comes to users free of charge and promises to make Windows-based computers faster and easier to use at home and work.

Microsoft has done a lot to make the update easy to install and a pleasure to use. To help you understand their accomplishment, we have listed many of the key features of the update. (more…)

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How Will Google Alphabet Affect You?

When Google hit the reset button and had a complete overhaul, it is safe to say that the results shocked people. It turns out, Alphabet, which used to be a subsidiary of Google. Now all of Google’s initiatives will be overseen by Alphabet.

But what does this mean for you, your website, or your business? Let us say you have a mobile content delivery application or any software solution like Payroll, ERP, CRM etc. that you want to market online, Will the Google reshuffle affect you? Even if you are just a general Google user, will there be changes in the way you use Google’s products or services.

Here is a look into Google Alphabet. (more…)

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Mission (Im)possible Safety in Cloud Computing featured

Mission (Im)possible: Safety in Cloud Computing

With the surge of internet-connected and mobile devices, cloud software became the core of new generation of information systems framework. These services are managed by the provider that makes resources and information accessible from anywhere there is a working internet connection. IT outsourcing options are abundant indeed, and customers can choose from a variety of cloud computing services. Note, however, the vendors provide varying levels of security, and that a sophisticated security system is not a dime a dozen. (more…)

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