Ways To Improve Employee Productivity With The Help Of Technology

Ways to Improve Employee Productivity with the help of Technology

An organization comprises of employers and employees. To meet the organizational goals and achieve success, everyone in the organization should work upto the mark. Obviously, employers will work hard as it is their dream to hold the organization high. However, all the employees may not feel the same and may not work properly. In other cases, employees may face difficulties in reaching some goals. Whatever the reason maybe, the employer should make sure every employee is giving his/her best!! (more…)

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3-Ways-to-Improve-Employee-Engagement-in-Your-Business featured

3 Ways to Improve Employee Engagement in Your Business

Engaged employees are happy and productive. These are those employees who are willing to go an extra mile for their companies. You’ve likely seen the statistics: only four in ten employees report that they’re highly engaged and around 17% are “actively disengaged.” This disengagement is costing the companies who host these employees a great deal of money each year: one study estimates that disengaged employees could be costing as much as $3,400 for every $10,000 they receive in salary – and that’s a single employee. The cost of a building full of disengaged employees could be astronomical. You don’t want that for your company – and that means that increasing employee engagement is a critical part of your business plan. (more…)

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