8 Powerful Email List Building Tools To Skyrocket Your Signup Rate

Did you know that 95% of first-time visitors to your website are not ready to purchase right away? In fact, before making a purchase, it takes 3-4 visits to your website for your potential customers to actually think about buying from you.

If you’re selling a Product or a Service on your website, building an Email List is an essential task because it helps you to create a relationship with your potential customers. You can nurture this relationship to “encourage” them to purchase your product. (more…)

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7 Email Marketing Trends to Amp your Revenue in 2016 featured

7 Email Marketing Trends to Amp your Revenue in 2016

Throughout 2015, we have witnessed some prolific developments in the section of email marketing – predictive intelligence, rise of responsive email design and animations in emails are few among other developments.  These trends and others will set the new ground for email marketing in 2016 and beyond.


What is the catch with email marketing? Isn’t the effectiveness of email marketing dying off slowly? Why should we bother about new email marketing trends for a ‘so old-school’ marketing strategy? (more…)

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Top Free and Open Source Email Marketing Software featured

Top Free and Open Source Email Marketing Software

Survival in the modern business environment needs more tactics than surviving a round of deadly salvo shots on the war front. This is no secret. No amount of sweet-talking can avert an eminent disaster. All you need is acting on the available cue. And, one of way of beating growth retarders in your business is by employing the use of email marketing to push the frontiers of your business.

Email marketing is becoming the fastest and easiest way through which businesses can reach pool of prospects. It is a cost effective, shareable and a faster way to deliver your marketing message.  For marketers to achieve their growth projections, they need to build a large email list. They need to have efficient email marketing software that can help them send, schedule, track, analyze the emails and the customer behavior. (more…)

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