7 Sure-fire Ways CRM Solution can Bolster your Sales Team’s Endeavors!

Maintaining a strong customer relationship arms businesses with a competitive edge, keeping them ahead of the curve in today’s cut-throat competition. Unfortunately, a number of organizations are still frozen in time, as they tend to rely heavily on the age-old archaic practices to maintain as well as leverage customer data. To stay ahead of the curve, it is advisable to wheel out traditional practices and pave way for an efficient and pertinent CRM solution.

Though there are numerous reasons for a business to have CRM for sales, I will be jotting 7 sure-fire ways, which are enough for a CRM software to bolster the endeavors of your sales team in driving more business and aid your company leapfrog seamlessly. (more…)

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CRM Software: An Important Element for Sales & Marketing

Whether you own a small to medium-sized business or a large-scale enterprise, maintaining good relations with your customers is the most effective way to drive sales; which is crucial to your business success.

However, getting started with a business and running it effectively requires you to place your focus on several key aspects. And so, chances are that you may find it difficult and challenging to manage and optimize your customer relationships. (more…)

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How to Generate Leads with Marketing Automation

When you are in marketing you know how difficult and important it is to generate leads. Usually you would work with the small amounts of leads you have and try to squeeze all you can out of them. But most of the time this is not a very successful strategy. Another technique companies use is to buy lists of leads and then relentlessly follow them. This just results in frustrated prospects who weren’t interested in your products anyway. (more…)

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CRM Is Not Only For Large Companies!!

CRM is a type of software available for business to improve their relationship with their customers and to gain prospective customers. It integrates the four aspects of customer relations i.e. Sales, Feedback, Support and Marketing into one tool. 7 Sure-fire Ways CRM Solution can Bolster your Sales Team’s Endeavors! It is not only helpful in organizing a large customer base but also helpful to gain new customers and keep the existing customers happy with the company. This is very important for small businesses as their customer base isn’t as diverse or voluminous as large corporations. (more…)

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Increase Revenue & Control Cost Via CRM [Infographic]

The most important driving force of almost every business, be it a small enterprise or a giant industrial house, is revenue generation. While most business houses focus mostly on increasing sales in order to increase revenue, they tend to ignore one important aspect of business and that is improving efficiency and productivity. Here is an infographic which shows different ways in which CRM makes the dual work of increasing revenue and cutting costs a breeze. (more…)

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Improving Client Retention with CRM Software

Generating business through existing clients have higher conversion rates at lower marketing costs and higher profits. Thus, retaining old clients is crucial for any organisation. A sales manager’s biggest concern is how to improve client retention in competitive markets by professionally engaging with new clients. It takes a lot of time and effort to retain a client. However, companies that encourage client retention strategies are able to build lasting relationships with their customer. (more…)

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A Complete CRM Solution for your Business – Kreato

In India, CRM software is considered to be for larger organizations. However, the applicability of CRM Software is as much in small & the medium organisations as in larger organisations.

My team consults to more than 1500 companies in a month. This includes large business and SMBs. And every member of my team agrees that the most important tool for any growing organization is the CRM Software. It is much more important than even your accounting software. The CRM software can help increase productivity and customer satisfaction by multiple folds. (more…)

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CRM is not just a Software

As with all mortal things in this universe, the times are changing. Continuous innovation is the key.

To quote the ace marketer Steve Jobs himself, “If you don’t cannibalize yourself, you will get cannibalized by someone else”. In crowded sectors like the service industry, it is important to keep on innovating and out do competition.

Everyone knows the advantages of a well deployed CRM system like Soul CRM But far too often, SME’s take such tools for granted and end up wasting time on gold plating functionalities that are of limited or no use to them. (more…)

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