Expert Interview with Samir Motwani - CEO of SalesMate

Expert Interview with Samir Motwani – CEO of SalesMate

About SalesMate:

SalesMate is a Customer Relationship Management software designed for the existing needs of a market and customized for small businesses. Found in 2016, it can be interfaced with an elegant and intelligent web and mobile CRM application, which can be accessed using Software as a Service (SaaS) model. RapidOps is their long term product development partner, which has helped them along their journey of creating such an in-the-demand software. (more…)

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kreato crm - review

Kreato CRM: Automation & Artificial Intelligence-Powered CRM

We did a review of Kreato CRM software in 2014. Its 2 years now. The team at Kreato has been continuously hustling to make it better and more user-friendly. In these 2 years, they have added many rich features to the software – with prime focus on smartly utilizing the data generated from your team activities. We, at softwaresuggest, have been getting a lot of positive feedback from users on Kreato’s workflow automation & in-depth actionable reports. Keeping in mind the drastic yet wonderful changes undergone by the software and also to do justice to Kreato’s team efforts, we have decided to review Kreato again.    (more…)

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SalesForce alternatives

7 SalesForce Alternatives for Small Business

For more than a decade, technology has evolved completely, becoming more complex & translating the way business works. Once renowned as a simple way to manage relationships is now a tech-backed strategy for compulsive business operations. Looking into the ecosystem of sales applications, SalesForce camouflaged as a “must have tool”.

Moreover, for upcoming start-ups, SalesForce Alternatives come in handy meeting the financial requirements and efficiently fulfilling the requirements.


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Featured Image- Top Ten CRM Software

Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Software-2016

Customer Relationship Management software also known as CRM software is basically targeted towards improving Customer Interaction and Customer Engagement. This will subsequently enhance the relationship between the Business Organizations and their clients/customers. Customer Relationship Management Software also provides better control of integral customer data as per the business requirements of the organization. The software also empowers the corresponding business with greater automation of sales, better access to business information, improved marketing support coupled with employee and vendor partnerships on a massive scale. (more…)

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4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate CRM Systems With Cloud Telephony

4 Reasons Why You Should Integrate CRM Systems With Cloud Telephony

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, if utilised efficiently, are one of the most valuable and important assets of a business. Recent studies show that companies that fully utilise their CRM system can increase their revenue by 29%. CRM systems have a significant role to play in maintaining strong Customer Relationships, supporting Customer Retention and ultimately business growth. Your business may have a CRM system in place, but are you maximising its potential benefits? (more…)

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CRM tool data import export

Salesforce Data Loader – The best CRM tool for Data Import and Export

Salesforce Data Loader is a collaborative feature of Salesforce.  This client application platform has gained mass popularity, especially amongst large data file users. It eases the transfer and slight update of bulk files. Currently, the CRM tool is featured in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience Packages. Salesforce is best CRM tool data import export. (more…)

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7 Most Common Issues faced by Small Businesses in Marketing

Online marketing for Small business, such as spa and salon, are the key drivers of any free market economy. They are, collectively, by far the largest employers and also generate plenty of taxes that are necessary for the smooth running of governments and funding of social welfare programs. For these reasons, their success and productivity are sacrosanct and should, therefore, be treated with utmost importance. Find more spa and salon software for your small business. (more…)

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