top email marketing software

Top 4 Email Marketing Software For Your Business In 2017

Did you know that email marketing is 40 times more effective when acquiring new customers than using Facebook or Twitter? Attracting new customers is a necessity for growing a business, so investing time and budget into the right medium of email marketing is very important for your overall marketing strategy.

If you are just starting up your own business, you probably want to know if there are any free or low-cost email marketing solutions that have proven just as successful as the more expensive ones. The features and costs vary from one email marketing solution to another, and it is important to analyse your business requirements before you make any decision. (more…)

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business trends

5 Key Technological Trends Businesses Should Embrace in 2017

Digitizing processes and cutting costs are the two major considerations for financial managers in 2017. Making the most of modern business intelligence and investing in an efficient solution is highly required for managers to keep pace in this competitive world. The following are 5 key technological trends that business analysts should be aware of in 2017. (more…)

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Processing payroll on Excel

Why Processing Payroll on Excel is Hurting Your Company

The use of Excel for processing payroll began in an era when the alternatives were either too expensive (enterprise software), or too labour-intensive (manually, using pen and paper). The world has moved on since. Today, it is safe to say that Excel is among the most inconvenient and error-prone tools for payroll management. However, several businesses continue to use this age-old tool for the job. Their decision to opt for the application usually rests on some faulty assumptions.

Here’s the myth-busting truth of it all. (more…)

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24me app

Essential Apps for Work-At-Home Professionals

Apps are constantly developing, making us more mobile, and jobs are evolving as well, with office work becoming just another option. These days, more people than ever are work-at-home professionals, whether they are freelancers, self-employed or remote workers with full-time jobs for employees; and along with that. As a result, it is very important to have all the right tools at your disposal. (more…)

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Billing and Invoicing software

Infographic- Top Ten Billing and Invoicing Software in 2016

The procedure of bookkeeping has sure been an unremarkable undertaking until the process gets streamlined with the innovation of Billing and Invoicing Software. With the innovation of updated software frameworks, dealing with the bills and solicitations has now turned a lot simpler and easy process. The Billing and Invoicing software solution come extraordinarily composed with all the efficient tools to help the entrepreneurs, in a thorough way to monitor numerous receipt and records just by a couple taps on the mouse. Through the era of reports, strong billing and invoicing software try to arrange the organization’s accounts in the best way possible. (more…)

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accounting software research report featured

Customer Purchase Insights For Accounting Software

SoftwareSuggest is an online platform exclusively dedicated towards Business Software Discovery and Recommendation. We analyze every aspect of the software trends for the customers so that they can purchase the best software from hundreds of such products thronging the market. Since we value the satisfaction of our customers highly, we analyze their requirements with extensive research, and ultimately compile our observations and conclusions in the form of a Report.

Here is an exhaustive Research Report on the “Customer Purchase Insights For Accounting Software”. The following are the conclusive findings of our Research Report. The following are the conclusive findings of our Research Report which has been prepared after analyzing 5000+ Accounting Software buyers. (more…)

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Featured Image- Top Ten CRM Software

Top 10 Customer Relationship Management Software-2016

Customer Relationship Management software also known as CRM software is basically targeted towards improving Customer Interaction and Customer Engagement. This will subsequently enhance the relationship between the Business Organizations and their clients/customers. Customer Relationship Management Software also provides better control of integral customer data as per the business requirements of the organization. The software also empowers the corresponding business with greater automation of sales, better access to business information, improved marketing support coupled with employee and vendor partnerships on a massive scale. (more…)

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Top ten erp software

Top 10 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Softwares of all Time

Enterprise Resource Planning For a Business

Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP software is an integral component of any business organization considering the flexible usage of the resources and the amount of investments incurred for the particular business procedure. The presence of an Enterprise Resource Planning software substantiates better resource utilization and better growth dynamics, considering the applicable options for extensive organizational growth. It proves for greater automation features in terms of cost estimation, shipping and other such equally important criteria, to bring in better business standards.

Undergoing extensive research we have curated a list of the Top Ten Enterprise Resource Planning Softwares which will come in handy while running your organization and will also provide better growth opportunities.


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Imparting the connectivity power to your business functionalities featured

Imparting the Connectivity Power to your Business Functionalities

Change is the need of the hour. And tally software is one such tool that helps business to carry out the changes in the desired way. With n number of management tasks, functions, statutory compliance, document synchronization, banking and payment work, jobs and recruitment, etc. A business may waste lot of time if it carries out the tasks physically; apart from leaving its employees on extreme pressure to complete the task. However, with Tally.ERP 9, the scenario can change drastically towards a positive direction. It gives your business the competitive edge over others and help you stay forward! (more…)

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