7 Mobile Marketing Hacks to Generate New Business

Mobile devices are constant companion of most people. They are taken everywhere and users are constantly scrolling through newsfeeds and websites. Businesses can stay connected with their consumers 24/7 through mobile marketing. It is essential for turning potential customers into loyal fans. Follow the following tips to guarantee that your business effectively reaches consumers on the go. (more…)

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Solutions To Help You Connect Better With Your Customers

It’s easy to get busy and forget about the most important person in your business, the customer. They should be the people who you’re constantly trying to impress and satisfy. Sometimes half the battle is in finding a way to consistently get in touch with them. Stop letting busy schedules and excuses get in your way of closing more sales.

You need to implement action-based resolutions that seamlessly connect you with your customers. Set yourself up for success by making them your number one priority. Put yourself out there and start initiating the conversations. Find solutions to help you connect with your customers. (more…)

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7 Factors to Consider before Creating an Attendance policy

Selecting the most suitable attendance policy for your organization is never an easy task. These seven considerations should help you choose between flexi-time attendance or fixed-time attendance.

Most organizations employ a time and attendance management system that help them to not only capture data for compliance, but also to increase employee engagement. This helps ensure their most important asset is utilized efficiently. (more…)

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applicant tracking software- Featured

Application Tracking Software- 8 Reasons to Tell if It’s Useful for Your Business

There are mixed reactions when it comes to using an ATS- Applicant tracking software. Different HR professionals and hiring executives have different opinions- some believe that this software fails to match the mark and some find it effectively time-saving. So, to decide whether you need such recruitment platform for your business, you first need to know what ATS is. And how it can benefit your hiring process. (more…)

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10 Key Benefits Of Call Center Software Every Business Should Know!

10 Key Benefits Of Call Center Software Every Business Should Know!

A call center is more than just hiring workers to operate as agents and providing them with telephones. It is necessary for all businesses to have a seamless call center operation. Through a call center, you are able to easily monitor, track, manage and route phone calls to your clients to engage them.

However, if you are suffering from loads of calls, the features of a ‘Call Center Software’ come into play.  Commonly known as “Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software”, this tool comes to your rescue when your business is flooded with client’s requests. (more…)

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Expert Interview with Samir Motwani - CEO of SalesMate

Expert Interview with Samir Motwani – CEO of SalesMate

About SalesMate:

SalesMate is a Customer Relationship Management software designed for the existing needs of a market and customized for small businesses. Found in 2016, it can be interfaced with an elegant and intelligent web and mobile CRM application, which can be accessed using Software as a Service (SaaS) model. RapidOps is their long term product development partner, which has helped them along their journey of creating such an in-the-demand software. (more…)

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Real Estate CRM Software

Top 10 Real Estate CRM Software For Your Business

In this world of competition, a great emphasis should be laid on choosing the best CRM for your business. One needs a CRM to build True business that can last and perform in any market condition. Real Estate business is no exemption. The CRM software for real estate business needs to undergo certain criteria, few being, careful attention to be paid to the customers, cross-platform uniformity, and data security.

Real estate CRM software is a complete CRM tool that helps the real estate companies manage leads, enquiries and other sales related activities in an efficient and effective manner. It helps simplify agent communication, the buying process for the clients, ensuring a happy and productive relation between them. (more…)

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five characteristic for software

The Five Characteristics that Make Excellent Software

There are thousands of products on the market when it comes to software serving different industries. While most developers create excellent software products that work, many seem to forget about the other aspects that can make a product excellent.

Whether you’re a software developer looking to perfect your product, or you are interested in software but you’re not sure if it’s going to be user-friendly, have a look at some of the below things that set software apart from the rest. (more…)

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