Security concerns related to mobile apps

Common Security Concerns with Mobile Apps

Despite the security issues blamed on wireless connections and hardware, mobile apps themselves have vulnerabilities that put users’ data and devices at risk. With smart hosting, you can minimize a website’s vulnerabilities, but apps are more complex. Let’s look at the common security concerns with mobile apps. We’ll also address ways to minimize these security concerns. (more…)

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Top 10 Live Chat Support Software of 2017

Live Chat Software works best for maintaining a consistent relationship with customers and for growing business in the online world. It’s a dynamic solution that allows you to gel with your audience and know their interests, desires, and preferences. Through live chat software, you can develop personalized communication with your customers and propose the best possible solution for their needs. It is an excellent branding tool to promote your products and expand your business.

Today, the software industry is brimming over with various live chat support software and tools. Your first job, as a Digital Marketer is to choose the right live chat software and make the most of it. And to help you arrive at the right decision, here are the top 10 live chat support software which are sure to rule this year.


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24me app

10 Essential Apps for Work-At-Home Professionals

Apps are constantly developing, making us more mobile, and jobs are evolving as well, with office work becoming just another option. These days, more people than ever are work-at-home professionals, whether they are freelancers, self-employed or remote workers with full-time jobs for employees; and along with that. As a result, it is very important to have all the right tools at your disposal. (more…)

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How To Deside On a Startup Idea – By a Startup Named Geniebelt

How To Decide On a Startup Idea – By a Startup Named Geniebelt

It is always exciting to come up with challenging visions of putting together a company. You have to keep in mind, though, that the outcome of your flashy business dream isn’t depended on unique marketing tools or people hidden behind this effort but on the business idea per se. In the end, everything comes down to the core of this idea and to how profitable can be proved to be. This is, of course, inextricably connected to the quality that you provide as well. (more…)

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Live Chat Software

Live Chat Software & Reasons to Use It for Boosting Your Business

Customer Service is the single most deciding factor which can distinguish between success and failure in your business. Nowadays, offering an individual touch to your customer services has become necessary to win and retain your customers. Personalized assistance and quick support lets your clients feel more treasured. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that you as a business owner must hunt for new and exclusive ways to convey personalized assistance to your clients. One of such ways is the implementation of live chat software in your business website. (more…)

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21st_HR (1)

HR in 21st Century – The Untapped Market

Change becomes an important yet unsettling part of the world that most often scares many. It’s the unpredictability that it bring to the table that makes many wonders if that is the right move. And in a world where technology has dominance over most activities taken place, change becomes a build in part of the package. A simple Google search will tell you that billions of activities take place over a blink of an eye or click of a button. As we step into the virtual world, new terms surface and establish themselves marking the different stages of the ladder towards the future. (more…)

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HR-One : The Complete Employee Lifecycle Management System

HR-One is the flagship product of Delhi-based Uneecops Technologies Ltd. Today, this software system is among the most trusted and widely used HR automation system in the market. HR-One is a Simple, Scalable, and Accessible Employee Lifecycle Management System. It has been designed and developed to enable better workplaces, to make workplaces more simplified and productive. (more…)

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Top 10 Help Desk Software – 2017

In today’s heavily competitive world, where the Customer is King and customer loyalties as good as their most recent purchase, more and more companies are trying their best to improve their customer interaction process. In an ideal world, each and every customer query, feedback, complaint or suggestion should be handled in real time by well-trained customer care professionals, but in reality, it is not possible in most settings. More and more companies are therefore automating their help desk processes so that the Customer Care functions are prompt, standardized and suitably addressed – all these without the use of a constant human interface. To satisfy this very requirement of Companies, a whole lot of best help desk software are available in the market today, each with their different characteristics and features. (more…)

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Help Desk Software And Its Impact On Businesses

A help desk software is used for providing the customers and the end-users with support and information about any product or service offered by any business organization. The main purpose of a help desk software is to troubleshoot issues and guide the end-users about the particular product or service. In brief, the help desk software can be termed as an application that manages the queries and complaints from end-users, and also maintains the database for the same. (more…)

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