6 Ways to Improve Corporate Culture

6 Ways to Improve Corporate Culture

A great corporate culture is a secret recipe to boost up satisfaction levels, enhance retention and increase performance! Organizations are now investing huge amounts of time, money and efforts to ensure that they have a positive work environment where employee well-being is given utmost importance. A good organizational culture helps a business work like a well-oiled machine; it ensures that every employee aligns their work with the company’s end goals. (more…)

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TailoBill SoftwareSuggest Review

TailoBill – A GST Empowered Tailoring Software!

As the GST has been introduced in India, SoftwareSuggest is expecting new software updates from all corners. But, looks like in the tailoring industry, TailoBill has absorbed this new change way too quickly. TailoBill is all set with its new GST update, and it’s probably the only software in tailoring industry right now which has adopted this new change, this quickly! Personally speaking, I was eager to try out the new version of TailoBill, and I’m glad to mention that I got the first copy of GST release from TailoBill to review. (more…)

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Free SEO Software

Most Effective Free SEO Software

While an SEO campaign can be launched with a very small budget, the costs can start adding up as you start ramping up. One thing that can eat into your budget is the cost of all the SEO software tools you’ll need to purchase to help you succeed. You’ll find that the advanced SEO software tools will help you get an advantage over the competition and give you the in-depth research to maximize the results of your campaign. However, you can still go a long way with the free tools that are available. (more…)

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Awesummly app

Around the World in 80 Words! Sail with this Instant News App: Awesummly

From the first ray of the rising Sun, to the rhythmic chirping of sweet birds; our days start with Newspapers in one hand and refreshing tea in the other. These newspapers cover everything; from the latest Fight of Political Titans to the thrilling world of the Sports. Newspapers are an integral part of people; they keep people updated with the current happenings across the globe. But, there have been times when we all have wished for a non-exaggerating, authentic and lucid a newspaper alternative. An alternative that doesn’t deviate the readers from the News itself!


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7 Mobile Marketing Hacks to Generate New Business

Mobile devices are constant companion of most people. They are taken everywhere and users are constantly scrolling through newsfeeds and websites. Businesses can stay connected with their consumers 24/7 through mobile marketing. It is essential for turning potential customers into loyal fans. Follow the following tips to guarantee that your business effectively reaches consumers on the go. (more…)

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Solutions To Help You Connect Better With Your Customers

It’s easy to get busy and forget about the most important person in your business, the customer. They should be the people who you’re constantly trying to impress and satisfy. Sometimes half the battle is in finding a way to consistently get in touch with them. Stop letting busy schedules and excuses get in your way of closing more sales.

You need to implement action-based resolutions that seamlessly connect you with your customers. Set yourself up for success by making them your number one priority. Put yourself out there and start initiating the conversations. Find solutions to help you connect with your customers. (more…)

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7 Factors to Consider before Creating an Attendance policy

Selecting the most suitable attendance policy for your organization is never an easy task. These seven considerations should help you choose between flexi-time attendance or fixed-time attendance.

Most organizations employ a time and attendance management system that help them to not only capture data for compliance, but also to increase employee engagement. This helps ensure their most important asset is utilized efficiently. (more…)

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