5 Ways ERP Software Can Deliver ROI (Return on Investment) – Infographic

If there is one system that most of the companies implements nowadays, it is the ERP. Enterprise Resource Planning is a system that automates core business functions such as inventory and order management, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, manufacturing, and others. These various functions are integrated into a one system which improves company’s efficiency and productivity significantly. (more…)

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Leveraging The Best Of e-Commerce Web Development For Your Business-featured1

eCommerce Web Development Strategies for Your Business

eCommerce development is not an unknown term for us these days. It is one of the major aspects of high internet usage (amongst social media, online movie/video streaming, gaming, information transfer and others). After the explosion of eCommerce websites over the past few years, online shopping has become the latest shopping norm. In such scenarios, even retailers who have their stores in prime locations are looking to capture the online channel for growth. They are investing in ecommerce web development as they realize that eCommerce is here to stay. (more…)

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Customer Purchase Insights For Applicant Tracking System

SoftwareSuggest is an online platform exclusively dedicated towards Business Software Discovery and Recommendation. We analyze every aspect of the software trends for the customers so that they can purchase the best software from hundreds of such products thronging the market. Since we value the satisfaction of our customers highly, we analyze their requirements with extensive research, and ultimately compile our observations and conclusions in the form of a Report. (more…)

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How New Age Mobile POS Systems Are Reinventing Food Ordering

Imagine yourself owning a Restaurant and your Waiters are taking Orders the traditional way by jotting down on notepads. And some customer keeps on changing orders to the extent that the waiter inadvertently makes the changes on another customer’s order! Sounds chaotic, isn’t it? Mistakes like these can’t be avoided when the restaurant is fully packed with hungry shouting customers, creating so much confusion. But if you have implemented the new-age advanced Mobile POS System in your restaurant, the whole process that lies between the 3 stake-holders: The Customer, Waiter, and the Kitchen Staff, can be easily simplified and smoothed. (more…)

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Top 10 Help Desk Software – 2016

In today’s heavily competitive world, where the Customer is King and customer loyalties as good as their most recent purchase, more and more companies are trying their best to improve their customer interaction process. In an ideal world, each and every customer query, feedback, complaint or suggestion should be handled in real time by well-trained customer care professionals, but in reality, it is not possible in most settings. More and more companies are therefore automating their help desk processes so that the Customer Care functions are prompt, standardized and suitably addressed – all these without the use of a constant human interface. To satisfy this very requirement of Companies, a whole lot of best help desk software are available in the market today, each with their different characteristics and features. (more…)

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SalesForce alternatives

7 SalesForce Alternatives for Small Business

For more than a decade, technology has evolved completely, becoming more complex & translating the way business works. Once renowned as a simple way to manage relationships is now a tech-backed strategy for compulsive business operations. Looking into the ecosystem of sales applications, SalesForce camouflaged as a “must have tool”.

Moreover, for upcoming start-ups, SalesForce Alternatives come in handy meeting the financial requirements and efficiently fulfilling the requirements.


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5 Ways to Impress Customer With Field Sales App featured

5 Ways to Impress Customer With Field Sales App

Field sales applications are the digital tools which redefine the way one-to-one marketing is being done. Field sales apps help sales persons to be more precise in product presentation, instant in order taking and stay updated regarding all data associated with the products they sell including inventory details, client information and product information. As an added advantage, field sales applications provide a cushioning for field sales executives to retrieve product information the way they want. So, how can you make use of it to impress your customers? To answer this question, we have come up with 5 utile ways through which you can make the best of your field sales app to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. (more…)

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Why You Should Choose MyEasyISO Software For ISO 9001 Compliance

“Achieving a Standard is good, but maintaining that Standard is what Excellence is all about!”

Many Companies need to follow ISO 9001 requirements for Quality Management and Quality Control. It can be overwhelming sometimes to abide by the requirements along with managing your business. However, technology has advanced so much that this task has become quite easy. One of the milestones of this advancement in Technology is the MyEasyISO Software. This solution has been introduced for keeping your ISO compliance strategies on track without affecting your business in any way. (more…)

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