21st century hr

HR in 21st Century- The Untapped Market

Change becomes an important yet unsettling part of the world that most often scares many. It’s the unpredictability that it bring to the table that makes many wonders if that is the right move. And in a world where technology has dominance over most activities taken place, change becomes a build in part of the package. A simple Google search will tell you that billions of activities take place over a blink of an eye or click of a button. As we step into the virtual world, new terms surface and establish themselves marking the different stages of the ladder towards the future. (more…)

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expert interview with srivatsan venkatesan, CEO- FreshSales

Expert Interview with Srivatsan Venkatesan, Business head at Freshsales.

Freshsales is a full-fledged CRM software made for high-velocity sales teams. It emerged with an idea to target the need to integrate more tools into one CRM. In addition to building all of the basics, they have also integrated phone and email into it so that sales reps can manage conversations from one place. Along with that, Freshsales has event tracking in the system so that sales reps could see what users were doing on their website or product. (more…)

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HR-One : The Complete Employee Lifecycle Management System

HR-One is the flagship product of Delhi-based Uneecops Technologies Ltd. Today, this software system is among the most trusted and widely used HR automation system in the market. HR-One is a Simple, Scalable, and Accessible Employee Lifecycle Management System. It has been designed and developed to enable better workplaces, to make workplaces more simplified and productive. (more…)

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Top 10 Help Desk Software – 2017

In today’s heavily competitive world, where the Customer is King and customer loyalties as good as their most recent purchase, more and more companies are trying their best to improve their customer interaction process. In an ideal world, each and every customer query, feedback, complaint or suggestion should be handled in real time by well-trained customer care professionals, but in reality, it is not possible in most settings. More and more companies are therefore automating their help desk processes so that the Customer Care functions are prompt, standardized and suitably addressed – all these without the use of a constant human interface. To satisfy this very requirement of Companies, a whole lot of best help desk software are available in the market today, each with their different characteristics and features. (more…)

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expert interview series, steve benson CEO Badger

Expert Interview with Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps

The Badger Map is focused on one particular type of salesperson – the Field Sales Rep. A Field Sales Rep goes out and does business by meeting with customers and prospects face to face. The Founder and CEO of Badger Maps, Steve Benson believes that this particular type of salesperson has been overlooked by other sales solutions in the marketplace. This is because there are fewer of them than other types of sales reps, so general solutions tend to focus on what is most common. (more…)

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Expert Interview- Mohammed Ali, CEO Primaseller

Expert Interview with Mohammed Ali, CEO of Primaseller

Before starting Primaseller in 2013, Mohammed Ali – Founder and CEO of Primaseller has had an interesting mix of experiences. He worked at Oracle after his engineering from NIT Surathkal, and then did his MBA from IIM Lucknow. After that he worked in a diverse range of companies: A Commodity Trading Company in Ivory Coast, Africa to two of Rocket Internet’s ventures in Gurgaon, before finally taking the Entrepreneurial plunge. (more…)

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Help Desk Software And Its Impact On Businesses

A help desk software is used for providing the customers and the end-users with support and information about any product or service offered by any business organization. The main purpose of a help desk software is to troubleshoot issues and guide the end-users about the particular product or service. In brief, the help desk software can be termed as an application that manages the queries and complaints from end-users, and also maintains the database for the same. (more…)

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The Need For HR – Payroll Software And Its Benefits For SMEs

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are all the rage these days, springing up like mushrooms across the country. By simple deduction, it’s safe to assume that competition is stiffer than ever before. The inherent nature of any company, let alone an SME, is to be as efficient as possible. Period. This then begs the question, Why are a sizable chunk of them still opting for manual processes when a technological equivalent is staring right at them? The answer can be attributed to multiple conclusions which I’m afraid will far exceed the capacity of this blog. So to give you a brief version, I’ll dive into the key points that make it what it is. Read On… (more…)

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